Available courses

PN Scope of Practice and Behaviors

Cost: $75.00

This course provides current, comprehensive and ethically based licensure and scope of practice information to potential or encumbered Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) as guidelines for safe and effective practice.

The candidate must pay the course fee, review the presentation, pass the exam with a score of 80% or higher, and complete a course evaluation. The course evaluation should be emailed to the ARNA office at arna@arna.org to obtain a certificate of completion. The candidate may then submit the certificate of completion to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing. 

The Nurse and Professional Behaviors

Cost: $385.00

This course provides current, comprehensive information on topics integral to the practice of nursing. This course has eight units: Image of Nursing, Values and Ethics, Nursing Standards, Arkansas Nurse Practice Act, Scope of Practice, Legal Issues, Crossing Boundaries, and Maintaining Competence.

Course participants must complete required learning activities and submit work to the course preceptor (teacher) for review.. All work must be complete and satisfactory. Work is reviewed in sequence, and feedback is provided to the participant. After satisfactory completion of units 1-4, the candidate may take the midterm exam. Progression to units 5-8 is allowed after a 75% or higher midterm grade. At course completion, the candidate will take a comprehensive final examination and must achieve a grade of at least 75%. You must have the permission of the preceptor in order to test. Both the mid-term and the final exam are proctored at a designated testing site. The candidate must complete a course evaluation and email to arna@arna.org before receiving a certificate of completion. PARTICIPANTS WHO DO NOT SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE THE COURSE WITHIN 16 WEEKS ARE REQUIRED TO RE-ENROLL IN THE COURSE AND PAY COURSE FEES AGAIN.

Teacher: Megan Foshee